What is “Mind Map Assessments”?

  • Combination of Mind Map Technique and NCERT school syllabus.
  • Students can Practice, Revise, Recall like never before.
  • Teachers can do Assessments through Mind map technique (Assessment for Learning).
  • Pushing Highest Order Thinking Skills and Creativity by allowing students to create questions.

The Origin - Mind Map Assessments

  • Finding key points
  • Recall and remember
  • Postpone assignments
  • Time taking Revision

What and When?

  • Mind Maps are path breaking innovation of the century. Invented by TONY BUZAN in 1970’s.
  • It is graphical representation of scientifically organized information to stimulate whole brain thinging.

We decided to SOLVE this

  • Concept
  • Memory

Study on Brain

  • Dr Roger Sperry researched on left and right brain phenomena.
  • He received the Nobel prize for his discoveries of functional specializations of left brain and right brain in 1981.

Study of Cambridge University

  • Olny srmat poelpe can raed this
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Study on Repetition


BRAIN Languages


BRAIN Languages

How to use Mind Map Assessments

  • Lesson Planning : Use for lesson planning
  • Pre Lesson : Gestalt effect (Survey and Questions)
  • During Lesson : Page by page Comparison
  • Post Lesson : Group revision

Benefits of Mind Map Assessments

  • Teachers
    1. New Skill for Teaching
    2. Only way to revise quickly
    3. Assessment for Learning
    4. Classroom Tool
  • Students
    1. Stress free Learning
    2. Recall almost each chapter
    3. No Postponement
    4. Learn to LEARN