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Orange Education is a group of Educational Evangelists, Counsellors and Strategists. We carry a legacy of being in the Education domain since 1950.

About OCAS

What is OCAS?
  • A comprehensively designed, skill based competitive assessment for school students.
  • Examines the learning levels of students and encourages them to achieve higher learning goals.
  • Guides schools to redefine the learning objectives and their teaching standards.
Salient Features of OCAS
  • Based on the Blooms Taxonomy.
  • Scientifically designed graded questions.
  • Evaluates the academic skill levels of students and helps them achieve desired learning goals.
  • Provides Comparative Analysis to students and schools.
  • Exhaustive and detailed reports which give a clear understanding of the performance of students.
  • Guides schools to redefine their learning objectives and teaching standards.
  • Promotes deeper level of learning.
Benefits of OCAS
  • The comparative analysis determines the learning levels of students and helps them achieve higher learning goals.
  • It provides an objective, in-depth assessment of students skills in key learning areas that are essential for success at school, work and in life.
  • It empowers students and helps in building self-confidence and motivates them to excel.
  • Schools can monitor and compare the performance of students within school, with other participating schools and at state and national levels.
  • Using the analytical report, schools can identify performance deficiencies and accordingly redefine their learning objectives and standards of teaching.
Benefits of OCAS Books
  • OCAS books are comprehensively designed preparatory books.
  • OCAS books help in enhancing the conceptual knowledge and preparation of the assessments.
  • OCAS books can be used in classes on daily basis as practise books to motivate students to achieve higher learning benchmarks.