What is OGO?

  • OGO (Orange Global Olympiad) is technology enhanced and curriculum aligned high quality personalized assessments for school. Our products consists of expert created certified questions and test practices to examine the learning levels of students and encourage them to achieve higher learning goals.
  • We also encourage schools to redefine the learning objectives and incorporating the unconventional methods for fun learning to have deeper insights into their students understanding and growth.

Salient Features of OGO

  • Based on the Blooms Taxonomy.
  • Scientifically designed graded questions.
  • Evaluates the academic skill levels of students and helps them achieve desired learning goals.
  • Provides Comparative Analysis to students and schools.
  • Exhaustive and detailed report that gives a clear understanding of the performance of students.
  • Guides schools to redefine their learning objectives and teaching standards.
  • Promotes deeper level of learning.



Benefits of OGO

  • The comparative analysis determines the learning level of students and help them achieve prominent learning goals.
  • It provides an objective to unfold in-depth skills, essential for success at school, work and in life.
  • It empowers students, help them in building self-confidence and prompt them to excel.